Underserved Communities Foundation

About Underserved Communities Foundation

The Underserved Communities Foundation (UCF) was founded in March 2021 as a non-profit community foundation embracing the vision of community and individual economic development through the people helping people philosophy. UCF supports activities and organizations that address: Affordable/accessible credit and savings, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility & Belonging, Employment, Environment, Food Insecurity, Health, Housing, Technology, and Transportation. UCF strives to accomplish this by being a leader in charitable giving, volunteerism, partnerships, scholarships, fundraising, and other appropriate and available methods designed to move underserved communities forward.


The Underserved Communities Foundation is committed to reducing poverty by empowering the underserved.


To promote initiatives, programs, and policies that produce a thriving and equitable society.


Accountability: UCF will demonstrate ethical and exemplary stewardship of funds, and resources, and will practice full transparency to stakeholders, program participants, and communities served.

Collaboration: Ending poverty requires action that catalyzes systemic change. To achieve this, it is essential to join forces with organizations, partners, donors, agencies, and more to leverage and maximize resources and increase capacity and impact. 

Human Dignity: Human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, including the right to food, health, work, education, safety, and opportunity. All people hold value, and it is our duty and responsibility to lift up and fill in the gaps causing disadvantages to people. 

Inclusivity: Beyond a value, inclusivity is a way of thinking. Inclusion is founded on acceptance and embracing that all people have value which strengthens society. UCF will make conscious decisions in its processes to provide inclusive opportunities and eliminate barriers for underserved individuals and groups.

Sustainability: Exceptional impact and financial viability emerge from a sustainability mindset. As such, UCF believes the long-range goal for developing a thriving society derives from economic development of communities, empowerment, interdependency, and self-sufficiency. 

Priority Areas

The Underserved Communities Foundation understands that the key to a thriving society lies in the development and empowerment of underserved communities. Underserved communities are not areas or zip codes with a city, they are individuals and families facing additional barriers preventing them from breaking the cycle of poverty. UCF partners with these individuals, families and nonprofit organizations to identify and fill in gaps in services in underserved communities. UCF priority areas are as follows: 

Affordable/accessible credit and savings

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging & Accessibility




Food security





Our Board of Directors

Max Villaronga

Underserved Communities Foundation Chairperson
President / CEO,
Raiz Federal Credit Union
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Paulina Lopez

Underserved Communities Foundation Vice-Chairperson
Senior Consultant, Communications and Public Involvement Practice
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Frank Shindo

Underserved Communities Foundation Treasurer
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Eliana Avila

Underserved Communities Foundation Secretary
Vice-President of Human Resources,
Raiz Federal Credit Union
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Christopher B. Montoya

Underserved Communities Foundation
Board Member
Compliance Manager, Raiz Federal Credit Union
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Lydia Cisneros

Underserved Communities Foundation
Board Member
Vice President and General Manager, ADP El Paso
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Dr. Ankur Patel

Underserved Communities Foundation
Board Member
Musculoskeletal Radiologist, Diagnostic Outpatient Imaging
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Our Executive Director

Diana Hastings

Executive Director of the Underserved Communities Foundation (UCF)
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