Underserved Communities Foundation

Become a Sustaining Donor Today!

Give a hand up to a person in need today!

As a sustaining donor, YOU will be a key part of UCF’s ability to run daily operations and provide programming necessary to empower underserved communities to break the cycle of poverty. By becoming a sustaining donor you will help UCF as we strive every day to provide underserved communities a hand-up, not a handout. UCF’s desire is to help real people get out of the “vicious” cycle of poverty by addressing limiting pillars that are impacting them. UCF’s goal is to partner with them and help them into the “virtuous” cycle of personal success.

A monthly contribution of: $10 provides an individual or family in need with kitchen essentials, $15 provides cleaning & kitchen essentials, $25 provides kitchen, cleaning, & bathroom essentials, $50 provides an enhanced kitchen kit, cleaning & laundry supplies, bathroom & bedroom essentials. YOU can make a difference in a person’s life! Become a UCF Sustaining Donor today.